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TEP024: Intelligent System Modelling

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This research group, under the direction of Professor Ignacio Turias Domínguez, centres its research on logistics system modelling; environmental pollutant prediction models; and the application of artificial neural networks to engineering problems. The group has signed 16 contracts up to date, to a total amount of 477,630.9 euros. In addition, the members of this group hold one national patent. Furthermore, group TEP-024 has developed a total of 2 research projects.


  • Course on atomic spectroscopy and molecular absorption

  • Preparation of a data bank of prices per unit

  • Introductory AutoCAD course.

  • Computer application for client management for the real estate agents Aldia, S.A at Algeciras.

  • Environmental quality study (aquatic environment and noise pollution) in the Campo de Gibraltar region.

  • Analysis of the method for the estimation of CO2 emitted by Los Barrios power station.

  • Inspection and adjustment of the operation processes of Los Barrios power station (Endesa Generación)

  • Technical feasibility study of solid flow measurement at Los Barrios power station.

  • Technical assistance for the Lean Project at Los Barrios power station (Endesa Generación)

  • Technical assistance for boiler operation at Los Barrios power station (Endesa Generación)

  • Improvement of the existing weighing system in scales C18 and C19 at Los Barrios power station (Endesa Generación)

  • Time study at the Frontier Inspection Point (PIF) at Algeciras

National patents

  • Procedure for synthesizing photosulphonates from methyl esters.


  • Assessment of substrate impact on the quality of InN layers for optoelectronic devices.

  • Self-assembled semiconductor structures

Group aditional academic scientific information

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