Required work experience programmes for undergraduates

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Required work experience programmes for undergraduate students at UCA are developed with collaborating bodies (companies, institutions, professionals…) and are a compulsory part of their degree, equivalent to a course; that is, students must obtain a pass mark in order to complete their studies and obtain their degree.

Institutions accepting students for such work experience programmes are directly involved in student training. The organization appoints one of its own employees as professional tutor, and this tutor’s report determines whether the student passes or fails the program. Furthermore, their contribution is crucial in order to keep degrees continually adjusted to the reality of the labour market.

These work experience programmes require no expenditure from the institution (no financial aids, no insurance, no management costs). No paperwork and no unnecessary trips are required either, as this platform makes it possible to complete the process online.

Work experience programmes linked to the final Dissertation or Project required for a Degree (TFG) or a Master’s Degree (TFM) are of particular interest, as they may serve to develop business innovation projects related to specific problems of your activity through the work of the students, advised by your own employees and academically supervised by a university professor.

At the University and Enterprise General Management our staff is always ready to visit your company or institution in order to explain and clarify any pertinent issues in relation with these work experience programmes .

In addition, two direct forms of contact are always available:

gestion.practicas@uca.es: queries related to the management and development of the programmes
soporte.practicas@uca.es: incidents and technical queries regarding the use of the platform


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