Extracurricular work experience programmes

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Extracurricular work experience programmes   are those in which students can participate during their period of studies, at the request of a particular company or institution. These programmes   are not an integral part of the degree syllabus; however, they will be considered in the European Diploma Supplement.

All extracurricular work experience programmes  will be managed through ICARO


Uca programme

UCA’s specific Work Experience Programme (“Plan Propio”) aims to support the students’ comprehensive training through a Work Experience Programme combining the theoretical knowledge acquired within the academic system with practical aspects of real-life work and professions. A wide range of work experience offers can be found here, classified according to the degrees required by the companies.


Praem programme

This is a work experience programme developed in businesses which is financed through a public selection process announced by the Regional Government of Andalusia’s Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Business.

To be eligible for these programmes, candidates must be enrolled at any level of education in any Andalusian university; they must have completed 50% of the credits and must be under 30 on the date of their incorporation to the collaborating organization, as established by Decree 83/1999, April 6th, on initiatives for the future aimed at Andalusian youth.

In order to access the work experience programmes in PRAEM, it is necessary to register in ICARO.


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