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Collaborative projects

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A collaborative project is an R&D&I project developed within the business sphere, based on the specific requirements and interests of the company, where there is a participation of researchers from universities and other research centers.

At the University and Enterprise General Management we work to promote all collaborative projects in which the Research Groups of the University of Cádiz may participate side by side with businesses, in order to promote innovation and improve productivity and competitivity in the latter through the transfer and application of the knowledge and technology developed by our researchers.

We launch and support University-business collaboration in these projects in the following ways:

  • Making information available about the public announcements of the various programmes that offer financial support for this collaboration

  • Offering advice as to the best means of obtaining funding

  • Promoting encounters between companies and research groups according to the former’s needs for development in terms of R&D&I

  • Providing technical support for proposal presentation and budget estimation

  • Giving support to the administration of the projects, often acting as representatives before the organizations involved when dealing with issues related to the justification of expenses, financial reports, audits, etc.

The collaborative projects open to the participation of companies are the following:

      1.  P ollaborative projects run by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity (MINECO

     2.  Collaborative projects administered by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

     3.  Projects run by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

     4.  Projects included in the Seventh European Union Framework Programme

  • CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service)

     5.  Other European projects: http://www.guiafc.com/

     6.  Collaborative projects in Andalusia

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